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December 7, 2012
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It had been a couple of days since the pack had enroled into Ouran High school. They had figured out their classes, where to go, and who they were with. Most of the pack had their uniform. Most. Shadows had met with an 'unfortunate' accident, so she claimed. It didn't fool Kyoya, who then arranged some male uniform for her. The pack had seen the host club near enough everyday. Mostly due to Mewlin wanting to constantly see Tamaki and his mushrooms, but the pack were getting to know the host club a bit better. Shadow became more at ease with them, and not so quick to bring Tamaki down. She'd still do it, just...not as quick. On this afternoon however, Tamaki was not going to be on Shadow's favourite people list...
TigerRose, Shadow, Tom and Mewlin were all outside, back in wolf form. They were doing their daily patrol of the school territory, and everything looked in order.
'Tom, Mewlin, you have a class soon, go and see the host club until me and TigerRose have finished up here' Shadow instructed. Mewlin looked at Shadow.
'But...Why?' She asked. Shadow and TigerRose looked at each other. Not this again....
'Just in case there is a lone attacker' Shadow answered.
'Because some other wolves don't like us...'
'Mewlin!' Shadow sighed, shaking her head.
'Tom, take your sister please....' TigerRose nudged Tom, as Razzer ran up.
'All clear my end' Razzer announced. Tom and Mewlin jumped around rolling around as it began to rain.
'We'll have one more check around before we head back to the school. Tom, Mewlin, i expect the Host Club to have seen you when i get back, or there will be trouble!' Shadow said, bounding off with TigerRose and Razzer. They play fought, rolling around in the mud, laughing and nipping. They both ran after each other, the rain washing the mud off, as they transformed into human, and ran into the school, still trying to catch one another. They burst through the doors to the Host Club, the members all looking up from their hosting. Tom stopped and looked around, seeing loads of different girls all looking his way.
'Oh..I...Er...We're sorry...'Tom started.
'Nonsense Tomu! No need to apologise!' Tamaki said, a smile lighting up his face. Mewlin shrieked slightly in delight, running toward Tamaki.
'Eeerr...Boss?' The twin said bluntly as Tamaki smiled and swung Mewlin around. Honey laughed, as he jumped up onto Mori's shoulders, recieving a few sighs from the ladies he was hosting. Tom laughed as well. He noticed his hair was still wet, so, like the wolf that he was, shook his head around, trying to dry his hair. Once satisfied, he gave his head one final toss in the air, causing sparkles to fall all around him. The girls in the room all sighed as they watched this, some of them blushing a deep red.
'Did you see that?'
'I know! Isn't he dreamy?'
Whispers came from all over the room. Kyoya looked at Tom over his glasses, giving a glance in Tamaki's direction. Tamaki was now staring at Tom, who greeted his sister when she ran back over, and ran back out the door with her. Haruhi had walked over to Tamaki's table with a drinks trolley, only to have it knocked on its side when Tamaki leapt up, finger in the air.
'I have a plan!' He announced, which was greeted by murmers. He looked around and then pointed at Hikaru and Kaoru.
'Hitachin Brothers! You shall fetch me Tomu when we have our next Host Club session. I shall make him... A Host!' This was met by more sighs and giggles from the girls.
'Yes Boss!' The twins replied, saluting him. Kyoya looked back down to his laptop, searching up Tomu's history, grinning slightly to himself.
* * *
Tom, Mewlin and Cain had met up after the classes for the day were done. They were generally recapping on the days activities. Cain excused himself as he went to check out something from the library, leaving Tom and Mewlin to talk. Hikaru and Kaoru saw their chance. They ran up behind Tom, grabbing one are each.
'Hey Tomu! The boss wants to see you...' Hikaru said.
'Yes, we've been told to bring you immediatly!' Kaoru added, pulling Tom away.
'Er.....OK...'Tom answered, as he was dragged backwards away from Mewlin. Mewlin watched him being pulled away, panic rising in her chest. She stood frozen for a minute or two before running as fast as she could. She could scent her alpha and the older members of the pack. She followed the scent until she saw Shadow, TigerRose and Mewlin. She ran as fast as she could toward them.
'ALLLPPPPPPHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!' Mewlin bauled, tears filling her eyes. Shadow whipped round, seeing Mewlin alone and in tears.
'What? What is it?' Shadow asked, panicking slightly as Mewlin ran into TigerRose's arms.
'Th-They t-t-took hi-im' Mewlin managed through sobs. Shadow knelt down.
'Who?' Shadow asked.
'Th-The Host C-Club...They t-took T-TOM!' Mewlin Cried, the mention of his name bringing a new wave of tears.
'They k-kidnapped him!' She finished.
'They what?' Shadow snarled, looking at Razzer, who growled at the thought. Shadow turned around and stormed off, with Razzer in close pursuit. TigerRose ushered Mewlin along after them. They marched thorugh all the corridors, just managing to keep up with Shadow. They reached the doors to the host club, and Shadow threw open the doors, scenting Tamaki's location, and marched straight toward him. The Host Club was not hosting, so it was just the members in the room. They all jumped and stared as the four she wolves burst through the door, and go straight for Tamaki. Shadow grabbed Tamaki's collar and slammed him up against the wall, managing to lift him up off the floor.
'WHAT HAVE YOU WITH TOM?' Shadow snarled fiercly. Tamaki's face went white with fear.
'I-I-I haven't d-done anything...' Tamaki replied, his voice very quiet and small. Mori and Honey went to move to help Tamaki, but Razzer stepped in between them, growling at them.
'TOM!' TigerRose shouted, running over to him, sat on the couch. Shadow turned and saw him.
'What do you think you're doing?' Shadow asked, still having a hold of Tamaki.
'...Becoming a host...' Tom replied, a cup of tea have raised in front of him, Hikaru and Kaoru also sat on the couch, also poised in mid air.
'If you could just-' Tamaki began.
'I'm not done with you!' Shadow snapped.
'It's fine Shadow, I...'Tom began, but then realised his mistake.
'Shadow?' The twins asked in unison, as usual.
'Err...I meant.... Er....' Tom stuttered.
'Kage means Shadow. That's where he got it from. It's just a little thing we have...' Shadow trailed off.
'As for you!' Shadow said, looking back at Tamaki.
'Don't EVER take one of my friends like that AGAIN! Do you hear me?' Shadow asked. Tamaki nodded gingerly.
'Good' Shadow said smiling, letting Tamaki fall to the floor. Razzer also relaxed, smiling at Shadow. The friends grouped and marveled at Tom becoming a host. Shadow sat away from the group, thinking about different things clogging up her mind. She didn't hear someone approach from behind.
Shadow turned to see one of the twins behind her. She smiled briefly.
'Which one are you?' She asked, a slight smile on her face.
'Kaoru. Why are you over here?' Kaoru responded.
'Well, I've got to watch over my pack...I'm Alpha, i've got to see things from a different perspective...'
'What are you on about?' He asked, a bewildered look on his face. Shadow noticed she had been talking nonsence.
'Oh, er, just thinking' Shadow responded, watching as Mewlin clung to Tamaki's leg, not letting go. Shadow chuckled and went to join them, followed by Kaoru, as they all tried to pry Mewlin off of Tamaki's leg.
There we are, another chapter!! Don't forget to tell me what you think!
I do not own Ouran High School! But i do own Shadow!! And maybe a smidge of the plot!
:iconyukinoposhottie: owns Tom
:iconmewlin4hellokitty: owns Mewlin
:iconmadschquee: owns Razzer
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Honeybager93 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tom used Bishie Sparkle, it's super effective! I loved this chapter. Shadow is badass and I just love her, yay! I do want to see more of TigeRose though. P.S What are the estimate ages of the pack?
EgyptianShadowWolf Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This is something we keep discussing in Uni! Shadow is meant to be the oldest, but she doesn't date younger men, (which the planned out person for her is younger than her!!) Tiger Rose is meant to be second oldest, With Razzer and Cain after, followed by Tom and Mewlin. The ages range from about 15 to 20, and each one keeps changing, so i'ts not really final yet!! XD Lol, i will make sure to put more Tiger Rose in it XD Shadow's a angry wolf.... Sort of,....And doesn't like new people too much!! XD
Honeybager93 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm interesting. Am I right to predict that Shadow might mellow out towards the end? And it seems to me that Haruhi and Shadow would make good friends once she gets to know her that is. They both seem so nonchalant about many things when not wound up, I would like to see them became friends.
EgyptianShadowWolf Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Shadow is more uptight around new people because of bad past experiences. She will get friendlier as the story goes on, as she gets to know them better. We've never thought abuot them becoming friends before!! It's definitly something to bear in mind!! XD
Honeybager93 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Shadow doesn't come across as uptight to me just uber protective of her friends. And I hope they do become friends.
EgyptianShadowWolf Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
She is very protective! XD lol
Yukinoposhottie Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
EgyptianShadowWolf Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hahaha yes you do!! Lol SPARKLY HAIR!!!
Yukinoposhottie Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
EgyptianShadowWolf Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Lol, in the het of things, no one noticed we called you tom!!!
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